About us

What's the cheapest way to learn the skills to be employed as a software engineer? The best course materials are all free online. Unlike private courses from bootcamps and colleges, the recommended courses online come recommended despite being open to criticism and competing with countless alternatives. You receive a far better education learning from the internet than from any institution. When I was at UC Berkeley, I learned linear algebra from MIT's online course instead of my professor. His explanations withstood the test of time and critics while my professor's was experimental.
But education is only half the battle to becoming an engineer. You need to develop your skills through practice; you need to build. Here, again, the internet is the best resource. You can find what to build, how to build it, and answers to questions when you get stuck.
So what's missing? Personalization. Your code is unique to you, which means your mistakes and holes in understanding are unique to you. This is the gap EngChannel fills. We believe that people can become software engineers by taking advantage of free online resources, given that they have access to professionals to supplement the personalized portion of their learning. We'll have experienced engineers comb through your code to help you catch the mistakes you didn't know you were making, plug the holes in your understanding, and help you become job-ready.